Back to School

Trying to find your way around a large school campus is practically a right of passage. But some days it can feel like you're navigating your way out of a maze.

Our founder, Paramvir Nagpal, was a young Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of Windsor, when a new engineering building opened on campus in 2012. Being typical of most campus buildings, it was really more of a small city. And that made it really hard to find your classes and get to exams on time.

Is this room 205?

After getting lost (while working on a research paper on indoor navigation!), and dealing with the frustration of wasting time just trying to get where he needed to go, Paramvir made it his mission - and his project - to create a smartphone app that would help students easily find their way to their classrooms or labs. And it worked!

So well, in fact, that Paramvir realized it could be used to help people navigate more than just school campuses.

Mall mApp

Remember your first visit to a brand new mall complex? That time you spent half an hour walking in circles only to realize the boutique you wanted was on level 2? Same.

So, Paramvir decided to bring indoor navigation to retail centres around the world, to help make your shopping experience fun and effortless. He teamed up with Saeedeh Hamidifar, his Electrical Engineering professor, and, together, they formed a company to bring Mall mApp right to your smartphone.

In your hands

Now you have the power to easily get to your favourite store, be notified of great deals on those shoes you've had your eye on, and even help you find your car, all in the palm of your hand.

And the rest, as they say, is a great shopping experience.

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