Don't spam. Influence.

Target your customers with our precise, relevant messaging technology -10px and influence their next purchase - by giving them a highly personalized shopping experience they'll love.


Our location tagging feature is precise. Hyperlocal. We help you reach the right customers at the right time in the right location.


Spamming potential customers doesn't convert. We make sure you show only relevant ads to your shoppers - exactly when they need to see them.


Influence impulse purchases by being right there with the customer when they're making that crucial decision.


Behaviour-based targeting helps you define sharper customer segments and collect effective feedback and leads from customers who are interested in your products.

But, wait! There's more!

Mall mApp goes hyperlocal and interactive to create a highly engaging shopping experience for each potential customer who walks through your door


Our interactive store guide gives your shoppers detailed profiles of every store in the mall, letting them easily find you and your products.


Our innovative, highly personalized news feed gives your customers hyperlocal, relevant updates on in-store events, deals, features and even the newest fashion trends - and we make it fun with GIFs, videos and more!

Mall mApp

Drive more traffic to your store and give your customers a personalized, relevant shopping experience they won't be able to find anywhere else