The keys to shopping success

With the birth of e-commerce, shopping has been transformed from getting ready for a full day trip to the mall to simply pressing a few buttons on your smartphone to purchase an item while sitting on the couch.

While buying these items seems much easier online, physically going to the mall still has its perks. When you take time to go to the mall, you have the convenience of getting that item you were shopping for right away - there isn't a 5-day wait for shipping. And going to the mall is still a social activity. It's fun to shop with your family and friends, and you also get to interact with sales personnel and fellow shoppers.

At Mall mApp, we believe there is no substitute for the experience you get when you physically go to the mall, so we have developed the ultimate guide for shopping smart when you get there.

Going to the mall is still a social activity. It's fun to shop with your family and friends, and you also get to interact with sales personnel and fellow shoppers.

1. Make a list

Before leaving your house, make a to-do list. This is a big mistake people often make, which leads to frustration when they get to the mall. Make a list of the items you want to buy, but also include things you want to browse. By making this list you'll be able to optimize your trip.

2. Do your research

After you’ve made a list of items you need, research what stores in the mall sell what you’re looking for. This “research” is simple with Mall mApp, as our indoor navigation platform will do the work for you. Also, we will plan which order you should visit the stores in and how to get from store to store in the easiest way possible- it's like using an indoor GPS.

3. Find the best deals

Finding the best deals in the mall is very important because we all love to save money. With Mall mApp you can see your highly personalized news feed. In this section, you have access to relevant updates on store events you’re interested in, and the latest deals based on real-time positioning!

4. Dress Comfortably

There is nothing worse than walking around in clothes that aren’t comfortable. Make sure you wear something that you’ll be able to walk in for an extended period of time.

5. Shop during off hours

Don't tell your boss we told you to skip work but trust us, you will save a lot of time shopping in the middle of a workday! Malls are usually less busy from 9-5, Monday through Friday. When the weekend hits, malls become very crowded, and lines become longer.

6. Look for deals in the back of the stores

While the main store deals are broadcast on the Mall mApp feed and displayed at the front of the store, many stores will also have displays tucked in the back with hidden sales and clearance items, so make sure you check these out.

7. Compare prices

Not all stores were created equal. That same shirt you wanted from one store might be cheaper at another. Make sure you compare the prices at competing stores. Some stores might even give you a price match guarantee where they match or beat competitor prices.

8. Eat

Like we said, shopping at the mall is a full day experience. Make sure you take the time to eat and stay hydrated. The food courts in malls usually serve a variety of delicious food and beverages. What better way to finish a day of shopping, then eating a delicious meal.

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