See how Mall mApp helps you generate more traffic and create an engaging malling experience shoppers won't be able to resist

All without expensive beacons, Wi-Fi or external hardware

No Beacons
No Wi-Fi
No External Hardware

Indoor Navigation

Help shoppers enjoy stress-free navigation, so they'll want to stay and shop longer. Mall mApp, enables your customers to:

  • Discover the best routes to stores and boutiques
  • Make it to all their hair or spa appointments on time
  • Quickly and easily find their way to their car, even in large, busy mall parking lots

Store Guide

Increase retailer visibility and drive more traffic to your stores. Mall mApp's detailed store guide helps your customers easily:

  • Search for specific stores, boutiques or services
  • Browse by category to find the shops that carry the products they're looking for
  • Discover new retailers and services for new shopping opportunities

Tailored Messaging

Keep your customers informed and create in-store shopping experiences that convert. Mall mApp lets you:

  • Influence where and how long customers shop, and receive detailed feedback about their experience, with personalized messaging
  • Create an in-store shopping experience that converts, by sending customers timely offers and discounts exactly when they need them
  • Send location and behaviour-based notifications about events happening in your mall or new menu options in the food court
  • Keep your shoppers safe with hyperlocal security updates and notifications

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